So I Met This Awesome Amazing Guy… Continued

WOW! The Confidence Rating Came Through Big Time! Top 4 Picks Beat the Spread By Over 66 points.

If you have been following along about the saga of “The Confidence Rating” then you know the back story about my meeting a professional gambler at a party, who told me about a system he uses for parlay bets, to decide which spreads were “out of whack” or favorable for “conditions.”

The first week we tried it out was week 14, the results of which did not give me high confidence in this system. In fairness, however, it was a week full of upsets, way beyond the average week. Week 15 however… Wowzers! (I’m an Inspector Gadget fan).

The top 5 picks were 5 out of 5 beating the spread. The top 4 teams beat the spread by 66 points! I wagered a total of $50 spread over 3 parlay cards and got a $655 return.

$50 Investment ~ $655 Return

Check out the point-spread on the “Pleaser Parlay Card” on the left. The payout is 25 to 1 for good reason. I would not have played that unless the numbers were high on all three picks, which they were at 6.5, 8.5 and 7.0 respectively. 

Well kids, let’s see what week 16 brings. I should have my “guesses” posted Friday. Sure wish I learned about this at the beginning of the season. As you can see, I am not wagering much on this formula and I strongly suggest you don’t either.

Cheers, Marsh

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