Why Does ESPN Treat the WWE Like A Sport?

ESPN says their viewers watch WWE too… So?

WWE Rising Star: Becky Lynch

Part of my morning ritual includes reading ESPN on mobile. One morning, when scrolling through, I ran into an article on the latest news in WWE. I grinned and started reading, waiting for the jokes to come. No jokes. Oh I get it, this is a parody, very clever. Nope, this was a legit ESPN news article updating the latest happenings in the entertainment organization know as the WWE.

As soon as I realized that this was a legit article being treated like any other sports article, I flashed back to when I was first told the truth about S@nt@ (in case little eyes see this). The truth rocked my world. Immediately, I questioned the other characters that left me stuff over certain holidays and losing of teeth. Yep sure enough, all frauds! So my next logical question was” “What about God”?

In my world, at that time, largely because of my mothers magical way of keeping them alive, I believed in those fictional characters as much or more than I believed in God. Those fictional characters brought me real stuff. God was only interested in punishing me for pinching my little sister then yelling “Mom Susie pinched me!” My point is, that if someone with no access to cable TV relied on ESPN mobile for their sports education, they would understand “professional wrestling” to be… professional sports. And when they eventually discovered the truth behind “professional wrestling” why would they not expect the same to be true in all “professional” sports? I don’t care what your politics are, this my friends, is fake news.

What is sad, in my opinion, is ESPN’s reasoning for legitimizing the WWE as a sport. Yes, of course it comes down to money, duh, but at what cost? ESPN’s explanation for embracing the WWE is that they discovered through surveys and ratings information, that many ESPN viewers also watched the WWE. So? I am guessing that a good portion of ESPN viewers also like predictable action movies, looking at half naked men and women and watching live theater… Oh… I just proved their point… Damn it!

Well here is what I know: If you can’t bet on it in Vegas, it ain’t a real professional sport!

Cheers, Marsh

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