Can Raiders Pull Off A Hat Trick?

Antonio Brown; a Raider. Trent Brown; a Raider. Le’Veon Bell; a Raider. OK, maybe not officially, but there is a reason that talent attracts talent. You are saying right now: “No, Marsh, you old goats’ udder you, Mr. Bell will be all about capitalization as a free agent.” It’s like I’m channeling you right? OK then, in response, let me give you my overly-optimistic, largely fan-driven, preseason, scenario on how The Raiders actually pull off this BBB hat trick.

First, let’s get this out of the way: The Raiders are around seventh in salary cap space, but they do have some nice draft picks left. The Jets and the 49’rs also have draft picks, have more money than God or the Raiders, and have made it clear they are very interested in Bell. So if Bell is going to be strictly mercenary regarding guaranteed money in free-agency, then all bets are off, and it just turns in to a bidding war. Bell on the Jets… ooh exciting

Might there be a wedding Bell’s interested in?

But… What if Bell, having sat out the entire 2018 season, is a little under-valued, and turns out not to draw the record-setting cash that many, including him, think he should draw? Raiders are most definitely in play then.

Okay so let’s come back to reality and assume Bell’s numbers are where we expect them to be. Might there be a wedding Bell’s interested in? Maybe he’s having second, or at least third, thoughts like: “If I’m THE SAVIOR on this weak-ass team, then expectations are through the roof and every play is a freaking double or triple-team tango.” Can’t you just hear Le’Veon saying that?! You should hear my Gronkowski.

But see, here’s the thing; In Coach Gruden’s system, Antonio Brown, who Bell knows well, would be keeping the defenses honest, if not totally preoccupied in certain situations. So Bell, being both a rusher and a receiver, could really put up some sweet numbers. Numbers that might be attached to bonuses maybe? He takes some heat off Brown. Brown takes some heat off Bell and Gruden is Coach of the Year. Bam!

So that is my overly-optimistic, largely fan-driven, pre-season, perspective and why I think that getting Bell, is within the realm of reality.

I hear what you’re thinking: “Yes but Marsh, you old sot, would that be a wise way for the Raiders to spend their money, with so many other pressing needs”?

Hell yes.

Your (actual) thoughts?

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