LaVar Just Shut up and Go Away

Daddy the Wannabe Baller
Daddy the Wannabe Baller

It’s sad that people are hearing LaVar Ball’s name mentioned on media, more often than his superstar son Lonzo. Why is that? Essentially because LaVar is a big mouthed, world class jerk.  

LaVar, ever oozing with class, was on “Fist Take” being interviewed by Molly Qerim. After a couple questions Qerim said “OK let’s shift gears for a moment.” To which “swaahvaay” LaVar responded: “You can switch gears with me any day.”   Of course, Molly just swooned… yeah, no.   

LaVar is that guy in the little league stands, screaming at the ump, punctuating his litany with a fistful of hotdog, stabbing at the air, while in his other hand, a beer in a plastic cup, is spilling on the empty bleacher in front of him. Empty, because no-one dares to sit near him.

You know that guy, right? OK now picture him with a giant international megaphone.  “Daddy the Wannabe Baller,” got a lucky break from the gene pool, with an extremely gifted kid, and by God, he is going to take full advantage of it, even if it is to his son’s detriment.

Charles Barkley said it best, when asked about LaVar, in a TMZ interview. Barkley said; “Don’t talk about LaVar Ball.” “We should keep LaVar off TV.” “It’s really unfair to his son.” His son is a good player and a nice kid.” “Don’t talk about LaVar.” “Wherever LaVar is, there is a village missing an idiot.”


Cheer, Marsh

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